64 Paradise Road, Ipswich, MA 01938

Stone Materials & Processed Gravel

Our stone materials include concrete, gravel, brick, cobbles, granite, rock and asphalt.

Since 1961, Miles River accepts clean*, non-hazardous asphalt, brick, concrete, gravel, stone, stumps and supplies processed and reprocessed gravel, fill, loam, granite and other stone products.

Our clientele includes general contractors, excavating and demolition contractors, municipalities, paving contractors, site developers, masons and utility contractors as well as home owners. Let us know how we can help you.

We offer delivery and removal services with our fleet of trucks and containers and pride ourselves on dependable service as well as quality products. We provide disposal services for Processed and Reprocessed stone materials including asphalt, brick and concrete. As a result of the tonnage we haul, we are also considered a leading supplier of the very same materials.

*CLEAN means no wire mesh, rebar, metal or brick. Any load that is represented to be CLEAN and free of wire or rebar and is NOT will incur a fee. Dumping of hazardous or illegal waste is prohibited and penalty will include all applicable county, state and federal laws. Cost could include legal fees, cleanup and disposal.

Contact our company in Ipswich, Massachusetts, to arrange your delivery of stone materials.
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